3 Tips on How to Use Attraction Marketing Offline

3 Tips on How to Use Attraction Marketing OfflineAttraction Marketing doesn’t only works online but it works offline as well. You have been taught how to use attraction marketing online but seldom have you heard about using it offline. This is very important since every day of our life we are meeting a lot of people personally, so how to attract them is something you should know.

Using attraction marketing offline is more on building curiosity without raising resistance. What you are going to learn here is just 3 simple steps that will definitely get the attention of the people passing by you and will make them ask you questions regarding what you have.

Attraction Marketing Offline Tip #1 – Have Your Laptop a Cool Skin or Cover

A person who is using laptop definitely gets attention. Admit it but you always notice the “Apple Logo” on the people’s laptop and make you think “Oh this man is cool because he is using this brand”. It already builds something inside the head of other person, what if you put your logo and a phrase as your laptop skin, can it build curiosity? Yes, it does but if you put a call to action like “buy now” and your URL, it will definitely create more resistance so what you should do is have an inspiring photo and inspiring message as your cover. You will be surprise when people approach you and ask, “how do you do that?” or “where is that taken?”.

Attraction Marketing Offline Tip #2 – Wear Something That Inspires

Same principle applies to tip #1. Wear something that will attract people’s attention like a couple shirts or a hat. Make sure there is a print that is related to what you offer but not directly saying it. Putting company name will just get ignored so don’t do it.

Attraction Marketing Offline Tip #3 – Speak in Public Places

No, this is not on event. You can speak on public places, especially on places where there is waiting line like dentist clinic or salon and pretend that you are talking to somebody on your cellphone then start a little speech. A preview on what you have then pretend to turn it off. Make it sure that you set your ring tone to silent so you will not get caught. People will hear what you have said without speaking to them directly and because they are bored on waiting some will ask you about what you have just said.

Make use of attraction marketing whether online or offline. Just be efficient on whatever you do and try to promote your business indirectly to the public. Make an act that will just build curiosity.

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