Attraction Marketing Tip on Facebook Marketing

Attraction Marketing Tip on Facebook MarketingAdvertising on Facebook is easy and very economical. It is because you are already familiar with this social media site and you already have your friends and family to network with. This is aside from the fact that this site is FREE.

How Attraction Marketing Works With Facebook Fan Page Marketing?

If you are planning to market your business on Facebook, you must first create a fan page as your official business page. Many entrepreneurs go with the numbers, like how many the numbers of fans they have but as we know already, it is more on the quality more than the quantity. It doesn’t matter how many fans you have but what matter is how many people are talking about it or how many you get to engage.

Number of fans is very significant as well, provided that they are real and you didn’t buy them. These fans will be able to see your updates from time to time and might get interested somehow. How are you going to use attraction marketing? Here are three tips.

Attraction Marketing on Facebook Tip #1 – Use a Personal Story

Do not just share a photo, though images are very interesting, you can make it powerful by using a personal story incorporate with it. This will attract curiosity and people will read it and analyze your photo then likes and comments will follow. People love reading stories in Facebook, especially the things they can relate with. Post something that your targets can relate.

Attraction Marketing on Facebook Tip #2 – Look for Engagement

Post something that people will be obliged to answer or to leave a comment. You can post a question that will make them eager to answer. You have to be genuine and you shouldn’t just leave any question. It should something that really talks to your fans. It should be in a way address to them where they can feel that you are talking and asking them.

Attraction Marketing on Facebook Tip #3 – Be Positive

There are many Facebook dramas out there but you shouldn’t go to this trend. Posting dramas might get interaction but not a healthy one. You will not get the people you want to work with that way and the high quality people will be turn off and walk away. Post something valuable like training and advices.

Attraction marketing isn’t just throwing links and expecting an outcome, it is about raising curiosity. Don’t try to sell but give valuable information. It might take a while from the beginning but it will be worth it.

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