What is the Secret of Attraction Marketing on Getting More Leads?

What is the Secret of Attraction Marketing on Getting More Leads?You have heard attraction marketing several years ago but do you understand what it means. Understanding is applying and when you don’t understand, you can’t apply it and when you understand it, it will manifest in your moves and actions and you will get more leads.

What is the secret of getting more leads in attraction marketing? It is a habit, attraction marketing is a habit. You do it every day without knowing that you are doing it with a purpose and without any pressure at all. When this thing becomes a habit, it’ll be fun.

What is Attraction Marketing?

So, what does attraction marketing really is? You have seen this before, you just don’t realize it. It is disguise as seminars, workshops or anything that will attract people attention. Another example is wine tasting for free. Anything for free will attracts people’s attention and when they like what it taste they will become your customers.

There are two things that you have to consider in attraction and these are to raise curiosity and to provide value. These are the main secrets that will get you more leads and get you more prospects asking you about your business.

Raising Curiosity – Raising curiosity is not spamming. On the contrary, it is the exact opposite. You shouldn’t just send mass emails and hoping that people will get curious and open your letter. You should learn how to raise curiosity without raising resistance on the process. It must be high in curiosity and low in resistance. You can start with your social media sites. You post an interesting post and will make people inquire about it. Don’t link your website at once or mention your company or else people will not be curious at all. You can do that after they inquired about it. You can also post a picture of your new car, house or your tour and people will come to ask you if you won a lottery or something or how are you able to do that. This way, you are creating curiosity but you are not mentioning your business.

Provide Value – Some people thought, they are already know how to provide value but the truth is they aren’t. They are too greedy to get what they need from the people without providing anything in return. You must give first in order to get. You must think of what people will gain from you and when you already have an idea and applied it, people will be attracted to you. Provide value and provide education. Make sure that they will get something out of you that is worthy of their time.

Remember these two things and you will gain leads. These are very powerful to ignore. Practice it and make it a habit.

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