Attraction Marketing : Why Network Marketers Failed?

Attraction Marketing : Why Network Marketers Failed? The concept of attraction marketing is simple and this is to give value yet many network marketers failed. Why do they fail? The answer is simple they don’t give value to the customer; therefore their prospects didn’t get attracted to their businesses because they don’t find any value into it. What’s there for them?

In network marketing attraction marketing is important. It helps you to get more leads. It helps you to be noticeable and that makes your prospect wanted to reach you.

What Does Attraction Marketing Means?

This is self-explanatory, the words attraction and marketing means a marketing strategy that attracts people. It is the idea of giving valuable information or service to get the attention of your possible prospects.

Some of the classic examples are:

Free Taste or Free Product Samples – This strategy attracts your customers 100%. Why? Because you are giving away something they want for free and since you are just giving them a portion, they will buy the product when they like it so they can continue enjoying it.

Free Home Tools Tutorial – Once you get the attention of your prospects, their eyes will be fixed on you so you must do your best to show them how amazing your product is.

1 Month Free Yoga Lesson – The people you will get to attract are the people who want to have a Yoga lesson and “free” thing is something they can never resist and after a month and they enjoy it, they will subscribe for the whole year lesson.

All of these are giving value and all of these attract consumers. You can also practice attraction marketing online. Usually it is based on mentoring and educating people. Like how-to-do video, tips, free trial and free ebook.

Attraction Marketing Tips

Provide your prospects with value. Don’t get too excited promoting your business and posting your website to all possible places you can post it and hoping that your targets will get notice and subscribe. This is what network marketers usually do and this technique leads to failure.

People don’t know you and they don’t know your business. Why would they invest on something they don’t know? What usually happen is they ignore you and block all your posts. Why don’t you give them a taste of what you offer them, this way, they will have an idea what it is. It is not anymore a stranger thing and they will get curious and excited to try it.

This is the basic thing to do in attraction marketing and this is proven effective. Try it and get more leads.

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