Get Leads with Attraction Marketing

Get Leads with Attraction MarketingHow many of you know what attraction marketing is? Do you know how to use it to make money, get more leads and to build network marketing business? Knowing attraction marketing can change your whole business into a more productive one. Let’s learn how through definition of the terms.

What is Attraction Marketing?

This marketing technique is a process of getting customers, attracting prospects and leads to you by providing them with value. This is by showing them that you are professional and that you have what they need than being pushy like the old style of sales people. What people want in this era is what you can provide them and one thing that network marketers need is training.

Network marketers need training and they want everything that can make them better and do better. These people want to be expert on getting more leads and traffic to their websites. You can teach them blogging, closing and prospecting technique and it is quite easy to how to teach them. You can start webinars or offline events.

Attraction Marketing can be used to any kind of businesses. Some examples are as follows.

Diamond Store Business – You can run it through online or offline but it would be more powerful if you do both. You can use attraction marketing by creating an event that will provide tips on how to pick up a perfect diamond for a reasonable price. Potential customers would probably want to know that and will show up in the event.

Landscaping Company – You can offer workshops on how to pick up the right flowers and plants for their garden. Your customers would love to know that and will attend your workshop.

Computer Support Enterprise – Offering workshop on how to use iPhone or Facebook can attract potential buyers.

Wine Business – You can talk about the different kinds of wines, what are the effects, which brand is better and you will be surprise on how many people follows you, check your product and buy even if you are not promoting it. It is because you attract their interests.

In network marketing, training is one way of attraction marketing. You can offer trial period for free or for small amount of money to attract prospects and will eventually join your team. The bottom line is attraction marketing provides prospects with education they need about the product or services. It is providing value than pitching about product or company. Enthusiasm without attraction marketing can attract customers but sometime when you are too enthusiastic to promote your product or talk about your company, customers can get turn off.

How to earn through this approach? It is simple, lead them with value.

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