Cold Market Prospecting

Cold Market Prospecting Keys to SuccessCold market prospecting is very important in network marketing career. No matter how successful you are already in this profession, you should still do cold market prospecting and you’ve got to do it the right way. If you haven’t found success yet, the more you should do this. Now, cold market prospecting doesn’t have to be a pressure to you. Yes, you can prospect anyone and anywhere but you shouldn’t go out to prospect, just make it a habit to prospect when you’re out. Let’s say, you are in a restaurant waiting for your lunch, while you wait, you can chat the security guard if he is near in your table. Just start a casual conversation. We normally do this even if we don’t have the objective of prospecting because waiting is boring so we do things like this to pass the time so this is pretty normal and the security guard or the waiter is used to this. They might have chatted many customers before you, only they didn’t know that you are prospecting them.

Keys to Cold Market Prospecting

Cold Market Prospecting #1 – Say less to more people.

Now, you’re chatting. You don’t have to tell everything you want to say all at once. Take a step by step approach. Let’s say you’ve chatted about who you are and what you do then you ask the person if he is free on a certain date so you can have a coffee and chat a little more or you can invite that person to an event. Then stop from that. Don’t say anything anymore. What the person needs to learn should be discuss once the invitation is accepted.

Cold Market Prospecting #2 – Don’t take crap.

You’ve encounter different types of people in your journey of prospecting. Some of them are nice and some of them aren’t. If they become so negative and talk nasty, do not entertain them, thank them, wish them well and leave. Remember that there are more people out there and your time is precious.

Cold Market Prospecting #3 – Don’t act weird.

As I’ve mentioned above talking to people you don’t know is normal and you do it and others do it when they are not prospecting. Don’t act weird when you know that you are prospecting. Just be natural and do the usual talk. Don’t over-react or else, they’ll find you weird. Just ask a question like you are not up to nothing just for the sake of conversation and answer in the natural way. Remember, you are part of the human race and you are having a conversation to a lot of people your whole life so don’t act like this is something new to you.

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