Why Learn How to do Cold Market Prospecting?

Why Learn How to do Cold Market Prospecting?Why you need to learn cold market prospecting? The answer to this question is pretty simple. One is that your cold market is unlimited and you are out there anyway so why not talk to people? Another is that you will have a team member who has a few warm markets or screwed up with their warm market and they need to learn cold market prospecting. How are you going to teach them this thing if you don’t know it yourself? You might be doing well with your warm market but you are not alone in your team and you’ve got to teach other network marketers what they need to succeed in the industry. It’s your call and it is your duty.

Cold Market Prospecting Training

Don’t be weird. You’ve got to learn how to act naturally when you are talking to people you just met. You don’t need too much training with this because you knew this within you. You’ve been talking to a lot of people you don’t know since you are young so cold market prospecting is not something unusual to you. When you feel weird about the whole thing, the people you are talking with will feel weird as well and would rather not talk to you. Just relax and stop over thinking.

Forget about your business. Sometimes, the awkward feeling comes from thinking about your business too much. Forget all about it and be a human being. Have a conversation with people without thinking that you are prospecting. Knowing the person you are talking with is prospecting already. Just go out and talk.

Have a posture. Act somebody that people would want to work with. You should be somebody they can be trusted and respect. Have some posture and do not beg people. Posture will bring you far in the industry.

Start a conversation. The best thing to learn cold market prospecting is to start talking to people. Start until you’ve learned the art of it. Make prospecting a habit that you don’t sound prospecting at all but just having a regular conversation.

Ask questions. It is only by asking questions you will learn something about the person you are talking with but again don’t be so weird about it. Asking questions is normal and always part of the conversation. When the person you are talking to is already engage with you, keep on asking questions.

You are the solution. Always keep in mind that you are the solution to their problems. Whatever problems they are encountering right now, network marketing will help them a lot and it is the solution to 99% of the people’s problem.

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