How to Do Cold Marketing Prospecting

How to Do Cold Marketing ProspectingTo be successful in Cold Marketing Prospecting you should be as casual as possible. You do not need to over complicate things. You can do it by just talking to people you meet each day. My favorite example is falling in line in a grocery store. While you wait, you can have a little chat with the people are also in line waiting for their turn. You can start by smiling and asking them some simple questions you usually ask just to pass the time and to avoid boredom in waiting in line. People who are waiting in line welcome any conversation because like you they want not to get pissed off by waiting. Here are the questions you can throw in doing Cold Marketing Prospecting.

Cold Marketing Prospecting Question #1 – Are you from here?

After smiling, you can start asking if the person is from the neighborhood or not. Then if the person lives near you then you can tell him that you live nearby just to have something to connect with the prospect. You can tell the person that you live within the vicinity but do not tell the exact address because the person is still a complete stranger. You should work it in your advantage where you can get the person’s address and some details.

Cold Marketing Prospecting Question #2 – Where do you work?

People in line usually check their watch. You can use this in asking about their job. You can say “I notice that you keep on checking your watch, are you going to work?”. If the person answers yes then you can ask what type of work he does. And from his answer you can formulate your question number 3.

Cold Marketing Prospecting Question #3 – Ask from his answer

If he answers that he is working at the bank, you can ask how long you have been working there and do you plan to work there for the rest of your life and then if he states his problem about his work then you can proceed in giving a hint about what you do.

You can ask him if he is open for another source of income and that you will have a seminar or there will be an event or whatever there will be that you can invite him. If he answers yes, then you can proceed by saying that the details are not yet set and that you are going to notify him and then you can ask his details like full address, full name, contact number or email, anything that you can reach him.

There you have already one lead by just by buying some grocery stuffs. You can do cold marketing prospecting whenever you have opportunity and anywhere you get stuck yourself with.

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