Does Bashing Other MLM Companies Help Your Marketing?

Does Bashing Other MLM Companies Help Your Marketing?Oftentimes network marketers are bashing out other MLM companies and they are doing it as part of their marketing strategies. They are thinking that once they bring down the other company, theirs will shine. Do you think it can help you market your own business? In fact, this is the other way around. This is the dumbest thing that a network marketer can do. It wouldn’t help their MLM companies grow.  Bashing can hurt them more than what they thought.

Reasons Why Bashing Other MLM Companies Can Hurt YOU

If you think bashing will gain more attention and possible prospect, yes, you are right. You are gaining attention and the company you are bashing out. The other MLM companies will gain extra exposure because of what you did. Other people who saw or read your post will get intrigued and interested why you are saying that and will research the other company. So there, the company you are bashing out gain leads. Thanks to you.

Bashing is negative and it will only attract negative people and positive prospects will get turned off. You will make your company looks small. In this profession you need to be higher than that. You should be in good faith all the time and you should be an example to anyone and to your team. We all have great professions just different choices.

Do what you want, focus on what you love and not on what you hate. Quality people are attracted to people who don’t bash so don’t bash. When you bash, you are taking away all your concentration out of the growth of your business. Your focus is to ruin other MLM companies and not to promote yours so it only means that you are wasting your time on other business than yours.

Bashing other network companies is terrible. We have our reasons why we love our MLM companies and let us focus on the love and the reasons why we love it.

Therefore, focus on the strength of your business. Entice people with truthfulness and what will they get out of it. This is more interesting to other people than the negative things about other companies. People are more interested to know how they can make their life better and why your company is the perfect choice.

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