Don’t Be Lazy: Follow Up Your MLM Leads

Don’t Be Lazy: Follow Up Your MLM LeadsMany network marketers failed not because they lack of MLM leads but because they are too lazy to make a follow up. They make many excuses and reasons not to follow. Another thing why marketers didn’t follow up is because they are afraid of rejection or they have been rejected and they can’t get over the feeling.

How to follow up your MLM leads powerfully?

Maybe you have rejected many times because you lack of power or conviction when you are making your call. Most often than not, you failed to convince not your MLM leads but yourself that you are presenting these people the opportunity that will make a big difference in their life. Here’s how to follow up your MLM leads with conviction.

Approach your MLM Leads the right way.

Majority of the network marketers nowadays are untrained. They don’t have the training that is needed when you are approaching your leads. If you are guilty of this, then this simple tip will help you at least to follow up your MLM leads the right way.

When making a follow up, do the “disarming update approach”. What is disarming update approach? It is not doing the same thing that you have done before. It is not approaching the same way that most of the network marketers do. A disarming update approach is the kind of approach that will loosen up your prospects or will make them take off their guard.

Most of your prospects have been the prospects of many network marketers before and they already know your next steps, your next words and they are tired of it. Prove them wrong. Don’t pitch when you are making a call. Say the words they least expected from you. When they heard different words from you, they will get relax and tell to themselves “oh, I though he’s going to pitch.” It is attacking one step backward and two steps forward.

One good example of disarming update approach is calling your leads and start with “hey, remember the last time I told you about the business opportunity?” and then the other line will answer “yeah?” with anticipation of what you are going to say then you will disappoint him by saying “I think about it and I realize that you might not ready for it yet but I want to tell you that we are having this event tomorrow, who do you think wants to earn extra income on the said event?”. You are disarming your leads by not pressuring or encouraging them but you are giving an update about what you are going to have that might interest your MLM leads and they will tell themselves, “why not me?”.

How you are going to disarm your MLM leads is up to you. What is important is you learn the right way of approaching and you are ready to make follow ups.

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