Three Sources of MLM Leads

Three Sources of MLM LeadsMLM leads are not people you already recruited. No. Not just yet. MLM leads are your contacts that are possible to be one of your team members. These are the people who got the potential to be part of your team. Where can you find this people? There are a lot of people everywhere but there are special places where you see them and have these people come to you.

MLM Leads Source #1 – Facebook

Facebook is a pool of people where you can dive in but if you do not know how to swim you will get drowned so before you jumped in you should see to it that you are equipped with the right skill needed in the place. In Facebook, you can choose who to talk to and who to add. Talk to people you think might be open to what you have to offer, build connection and never send them links without their permission.

MLM Leads Source #2 – Networking Meetings

You can get MLM leads by attending networking meetings. People who attend this kind of event are the people who are interested for a new business. These are the people who are seeking for knowledge and advice and these are the people who are ready. Do not pitch your business though at the event. Do this after the event and follow up. Aim for more business cards to get and not on how many business cards you have given.

MLM Leads Source #3 – Blog

You can leads by blogging, when your blogs get followers, it will start generate leads. Make sure that you create a piece of content daily so they will find something new every day. The content and the value you provided is what makes people keep on coming back to your blog, interested in what you have and eventually join you.

There are many sources of MLM leads, just in case you don’t know where to begin, try these three places. I suggest you start by blogging and then back it up with the other two. Once you dominate these three places, you can start getting leads to the other places. It takes time before you generate leads but once it starts coming in, it will pour in. That’s it for now, absorb it, meditate and most of all apply it.

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