How to Approach Strangers in MLM Prospecting

How to Approach Strangers in MLM ProspectingHow to interact with cold market prospects? This is the question that many network marketers are dying to know and this is the skill that they are trying to master. Actually, this is really easy. Usually, network marketers start MLM prospecting with people they know like their family members and friends but as a network marketer they should widen their networks and continue their MLM prospecting with other people even with strangers.

We are trained not to talk to strangers since we are young and it is instill within us that is why we are very skeptical when it comes to approaching strangers. We are afraid because when we are young, we are thought that strangers are dangerous. Stranger equals danger. We’ve been trained to be afraid of things we don’t know and people unfamiliar to us but strangers aren’t that dangerous. It is just people we don’t know. It can be a bus driver, janitor or your neighbor. Here are the ways on how to approach strangers.

MLM Prospecting to Strangers Step #1 – Open Communication

First you should not go out with the purpose of prospecting. You will be pressured that way. Incorporate prospecting with your daily activities. For example, you usually go to grocery store every Sunday. You will encounter a lot of strangers out there like the cashier, the owner of the store or the sales clerk. Now, who is your prospect? After figuring out, start talking. You can start with the weather or making a compliment such as “Nice watch! Where did you buy that? Then you can have a little chit chat and you are ready to the next step.

MLM Prospecting to Strangers Step #2 – Breaking Communication

Don’t make your little chat long, make it as brief and as casual as possible then you can start breaking the communication like “hey, I wish to chat with you more but I need to attend this seminar, let’s chat again” or you can say “hey, I’m looking for someone who can join me, do you know somebody who’s interested?”. You can introduce your business indirectly and casually by doing that. Your prospect wouldn’t feel that you are targeting him.

MLM Prospecting to Strangers Step #3 – Ask for the Information

When you’re going to leave, you can start getting their information like saying that you’re interested into something he is saying and would like to chat more but you have to go, you can ask if they live nearby and by doing so, you are actually asking the address or where does he work or can you get his number so you can catch up.

MLM prospecting with stranger is easy provided that you build rapport first and you don’t sound like you are targeting them.

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