4 Steps to Learn Mind Control in MLM Prospecting

4 Steps to Learn Mind Control in MLM Prospecting4 Steps to Learn Mind Control in MLM ProspectingIn MLM Prospecting, we are all want to be more productive, we want to get more results than what we always getting and we always want to set higher goals each time each goal is being accomplished.

Now here is a technique that you can do to produce more results in MLM prospecting and that is to practice mind control. We are not talking about controlling the mind of your prospects here but it is more on how you control your own mind. Here in this article, you will learn the 4 exercises that will develop your mind control and will turn you into a productive network marketer. Here they are.

MLM Prospecting – Mind Control Exercise #1 – Picture yourself doing procrastination activity

Identify or picture yourself doing things that put off what you should be doing. For example, you should be calling your leads but instead, you open your Facebook account and start investigating your friend’s activity. You are putting off the most important task you should be doing for the day and do unproductive things that will lead you nowhere. Now, that you identify it, picture yourself doing it. It is important that you are seeing yourself clearly and then start turning it off until it is all gone in your mind. Do it six to seven times.

MLM Prospecting – Mind Control Exercise #2 – Picture on the time when you have a lot of fun

Remember the times when you feel extreme joy. The time you said you did it! The time you cried for joy. Remember things that will make you feel so happy and excited. Picture yourself on the situation again and again and make the picture super clear that you feel like you are on the same day again and tell yourself let’s rock!

MLM Prospecting – Mind Control Exercise #3 – Picture yourself on exercise #1 and twist it to exercise #2

Go back to exercise #1 . Imagine yourself again, getting lazy to do your daily task and then snap and erase it and replace it with exercise #2 which is imagining yourself on a high feeling of happiness. When you already feel so happy and energize, say let’s rock and do exercise #4.

MLM Prospecting – Mind Control Exercise #4 – Start doing your task!

After exercise #3 and you already feel good about yourself and you are on the momentum of winning and after telling yourself let’s rock, get on your feet and move. Start doing what you have to do for this day. If you have to call your leads start doing it now. With the momentum you are feeling, you will sure get more positive results than the previous day.

The  most important thing in MLM prospecting is the number of people you have talk to and another one is how compose you are when you start talking.

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