Does Other’s Opinion Matter in MLM Prospecting?

Does Other’s Opinion Matter in MLM Prospecting?In MLM business you will hear a lot of opinions about your business especially when you are doing MLM prospecting. Does it matter? If you know what you are doing, their opinions don’t matter. You are the one who is expert in MLM business not them so how come they know better than you? In some cases, it matters. It matters to know how they think about you, how they see your business so the next time you are ready with these and you know how to answer or to deal with it.

Dealing with other’s opinion in MLM Prospecting

Listen – Listen first with your prospects and find out if their tone is inquiring or asking for confirmation or simply want to crash you down. Some people express their opinions out of ignorance or based on what they have heard from other people. They simply don’t know what they are saying. It is your duty to enlighten them and to tell them what it is all about. Don’t be frighten about their queries, they are just inquiring and want to know better before joining in. However, if you feel that this person just want crash you down, no matter what you say it won’t be heard. If this is the person you are dealing right now, it is time to pull away.

Pull-away – If the person is ready to smash you down pull away. Not because you are afraid but because it will not serve you to argue. This person wants to make a debate and no matter how sound your explanation is, your prospect will find ways on how to distort the truth. This person doesn’t really care about your business and only wants to win the debate. If you encounter this type of person in your MLM prospecting pull-away. Pull-away in a professional way. Make the person realize that you are not there to fight but to present an opportunity and that you don’t care if he wants to listen or not.

Don’t fear rejection – If you fear rejection then don’t start MLM prospecting because rejection is always present. Actually, this is the first thing that will greet you. Expect it and learn the reason why they say no so you can play around with it and you will know how to deal with it.

Remember that MLM business is a serious business and a great opportunity for everyone. You are a professional human being who wants to help other people and you are not there to beg or to hear their opinions. MLM prospecting is qualifying or finding the right people who are ready to succeed.

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