Bad Reviews in MLM Prospecting on Google

MLM Prospecting: Bad Reviews on GoogleWe all know that Google is a source of information and also a powerful tool in network marketing. Click a company’s name and you will probably see positive comments as well as negative reviews.

When you do MLM Prospecting and your prospect search your company’s name in Google and find a negative review about it, they will easily get turned off and would not talk to you again. They will not even give you a chance to explain. This scenario is very common when you are in Multi-Level Marketing. The question is how to handle this kind of situation when you are in MLM prospecting.

Handling Bad Reviews in MLM Prospecting

Let’s have a scenario mentioned above. Let’ say that you have decided to quit a job, found MLM as profitable one, and very excited in MLM prospecting. Then suddenly your prospects told you that they come up to Google, search your company and found out some bad reviews.

How are you going to handle this situation? Will you let them caught you speechless. If you let this whole thing affect you then network marketing is not for you because you are not fit to handle this situation which you will going to face every day.

On the other hand, if you become so defensive, the moment you heard this from your prospect like pressing that your company is good and that others just like to ruin your company’s image but deep inside you are starting to doubt yourself or your company then this business is not again for you.

If these are your reactions, you are not the person who will create a massive success because when you encounter problems in network marketing you will decide to quit and find new job.

Network marketers should be firm and should believe in what they are doing.

How to Beat Negative Reviews in MLM prospecting

Your prospects are important part of your success. When your prospect told you about that bad review, try to stay in control at all times. No matter what they say, you must stay in control and have the power over it. Here is how to do it.

First, you must be aware of the fact that there is someone over there who is trying to bash you, make you down, make yourself doubt or envy on you. This is especially if you are making a lot of profit in the business or your company does. They will make negative comments about you or your company on Google. Why Google? They are using Google or media because it gets the awareness of the mass. When you this fact, you know how to handle the situation and you won’t let this affect your performance.

Second is that, you should know that negative reviews came from people who are bashing you because they are your competitors. You have the same products and because they knew that you’re on top, they will make such a thing that will bring you down. Knowing this will just make you laugh about it. When your prospects brought this negative review to you and seeing that you are so cool about it, they will not doubt you but they will doubt the reviews they’ve read.

Finally, if your prospects insist on believing the review, you don’t have to fight them, instead tell them in a well-mannered way that if they are easily gets swayed by the rumors then they are not suited to the business.

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