4 Powerful Questions for MLM Prospecting

4 Powerful Questions for MLM ProspectingThese 4 tips are very powerful that will help you to talk to more people and increase your chances on getting more recruits. Questions are very essential in MLM prospecting because this is where the conversation started and the mode of your question will lead the conversation to what you really wanted to discuss.

In MLM business, there are a lot of things that you have to learn such as duplication, how people will accept you and your business, how you will make people attend your event and how do you set their mindsets. But before all these, the first step is MLM prospecting that is why it is very significant for you to learn it, if not to master it. Before you can do all of the above, you have to talk to many people first. This is where your business is going to start and this is how many people you are going to talk to is within your control. Here are 4 Questions to incorporate in your MLM prospecting process.

MLM Prospecting Question #1 – Are you Happy?

In the beginning, you will build rapport with your prospect. You’ll just going to discuss anything in general just to warm-up the conversation until you come to a point where you can already ask if the person is happy or not. This is with regards to the business, career or life.

MLM Prospecting Question #2 – What do you mean by that? (Clarification question)

Base on their answers on number 1 question, you will follow up with another question “what do you mean?”. This is to clarify why this answer like this and to make your prospect expand the answer. If you were told that he is happy with some aspects but not with another and after a certain explanation, it is time for you to ask the third question.

MLM Prospecting Question #3 – Do you have a plan?

If he is not happy with a certain aspect, ask him if he has a plan. You need to know if this person has a plan to address the issues in his life or not and oftentimes, they don’t have a plan.

MLM Prospecting Question #4 – I have a plan that might help, would you want to see it?

If he doesn’t have a plan then you have a plan. It is time for you to present your opportunity but do not get too excited. Use a reverse psychology in doing so to prevent resentment. Say, I have a business that might not fit for you but we have a product that you might like. This way, you are not recruiting (you are actually recruiting in disguise) but you are offering a solution.

Make you conversation sound as natural as possible. This is very simple. For your success!

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