How to Follow Up a Sale in MLM Prospecting

MLM Prospecting: How to Follow Up a SaleIt is important to follow up because it signals care. The person that you are prospecting will feel your desire to help them succeed. Following up with your prospect is the best action that you can do in network marketing.

Are you one of the people who had hard time prospecting? Are you one of those people who do not know how to prospect effectively? Are you one of those people who have a prospect that told you that they will attend your presentation but did not come? If you answered yes to these questions then follow these useful guidelines below on how to follow up sales in mlm prospecting.

Guidelines on How to Follow Up Sales in MLM Prospecting

MLM Prospecting Guidelines #1 – Our first circumstance is when your prospect did not show up to your presentation. This scenario happens frequently. Amateur will probably say some negative words because of what the prospect did, but doing this will not serve you. Instead, tell them that you are sorry. Does it sound so weird? Yes, it might be but the point is you will let them know that you feel sorry for them because they missed the opportunity to achieve success.

MLM Prospecting Guidelines #2 – The second circumstance is your prospect get in touch with you then you pitched them badly, here is what you need to do. Call and apologize to them. Tell them that you are just new in the business (if you are already a professional, I am sure that this scenario will never happen to you) and if it is okay that you could still be friends. With that, you are not building a resistance.

The question is how you could make money if you already pitch them badly. Ask them for referrals. How will you do that if you pitch them badly? Here is what to say; Hi buddy! I knew this would not fit to you. Do you know someone who is willing to join my company or buy my product?

MLM Prospecting Guidelines #3 – The third circumstance is how to follow up your leads. It is nice to hear that you have lots of leads but nothing will happens if you will not reach out for them.

Make a call. There are three important calls you should do to prospect your leads. One is to call your leads and give them your website. Another, if your prospects did not response, ask them if they are willing and if not you will take them off your list. Finally, if you have called several times already but still no response, let them know that you will take them off your list and you will never call them again.

This is not really about taking them off your list but you are just noting down the people that are nasty or didn’t interested for now. Keep your list still because people change. Who knows they might change their mind and join your company in the future?

Follow up in mlm prospecting is about learning and continuous improvement.

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