Your Eagerness Can Be Dangerous in MLM Prospecting

Your Eagerness Can Be Dangerous in MLM ProspectingWhat is eagerness? Eagerness is a strong desire for something. If you have a strong desire to get more people to join you in your MLM prospecting that would be great! Don’t get it wrong. Eagerness is important for it will give you enthusiasm and your enthusiasm can be contagious and the people you are prospecting will get the excitement that you are feeling but too much of everything is dangerous. When it is very unlikely and unnatural, it will ruin the process of MLM prospecting.

The Importance of Posture in MLM Prospecting

It is significant that you remain postured in the entire process of prospecting no matter what the situation is and no matter what the circumstances you are having right now. Your posture will make people decide if they should trust you or not. Again, we have been taught in network marketing to use powerful words such as “awesome”, “fantastic”, etc. These words will serve you well. However, you shouldn’t say it all the time. You shouldn’t say awesome when it is not awesome or else people will find you weird.

Don’t underestimate your prospects. They are smarter than you think they are. Do not overpromising things to encourage them to join you. They know that when it is too good to be true, it is not true.

Hold your posture all the time. If the prospect is skeptical about the whole idea, don’t beg for a sign-up. Your prospects will not just walk away but they will run fast. The reason is they don’t want to end up like you. Yeah, they believe that there is money in MLM business but they don’t want to beg people. If you let them go and you are sure to yourself that it is their lost then maybe they will have second thought about it. They will think that this person might be telling me something great and then they will give it a try.

On the other hand, when prospects tell you that they will give it a try, don’t overly get excited. Again, hold your posture even if deep inside your heart is singing with joy. You have to manage your eagerness in your MLM prospecting. Why? When you are too excited and you are pushing them to sign up fast, they will think that you are scamming them. They will back-out.

Be Natural in MLM Prospecting

Don’t wear a mask when you go out and prospecting. Be natural and be somebody who is out there looking for people to help and hand the opportunity than someone who is out there looking at their prospect as an opportunity to get money. Being natural is easier yet very powerful.

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