MLM Prospecting – How to Make an Invitation

MLM Prospecting – How to Make an InvitationIt is important in MLM prospecting to master the “invite”. You have heard that closing is the most important thing in MLM prospecting but how can you get there if you already blown the invite. So invite is also very crucial. In fact, it is your first move to success. It is better to learn it the right way before you went out and go prospecting.

It is very typical for network marketers to get too excited in MLM prospecting especially after they have attended the company event. They are very optimistic and fired up. They are ready to explore the world and spread the news but to be motivated and excited is one thing but being smart is another thing. There are smart ways to invite a prospect to watch your video or to attend company events and here are the ways on how to do it.

MLM Prospecting Rules In Inviting Your Prospect

MLM Prospecting Invitation Rule #1 – Be Busy

When you are reaching out to people, you should not act like you are willing to wait a lifetime for them to entertain you. You should make an impression that you are reaching them because you want to show them something even if you are very busy but you can’t wait and they need to answer you fast, if not you’re gone. It will give them a sense of panic and urgency to attend to you at once, aside from the fact that people loves to work with busy people and they feel flattered if you pay them attention despite of your busy schedule.

MLM Prospecting Invitation Rule #2 – Don’t Stay Long

Be brief in your explanation or don’t explain at all. Just give them an invite and a little preview and went to your next appointment. Don’t give the full story and don’t give them opportunity to turn you down or don’t let them say that they know it already. If you talk too much, they will find a way to decide against what you are doing. So, invite, talk a little and leave. You will leave them curious and their curiosity will kill them until they give in to your invitation.

MLM Prospecting Invitation Rule #3 – Talk to More People

Set an appointment to as many people as you can in a day. This will make you real busy and you can’t really stay long with one prospect. It will make your drama more real and authentic because you can’t really stay long and you have another person to talk to. The more people you talk to, the more people will get curious and give in to your invitation.

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