MLM Recruiting Challenge: Make Your Reps Work!MLM Recruiting Challenge: Make Your Reps Work!

In MLM Recruiting, it is challenging to get more reps to enroll but it is even harder to make them work and to make them successful. As the recruiter or their leader, you are in charge on molding them into a successful network marketer. What happened if you sponsored someone who didn’t deliver? It will mark a negative on you, on that person and on your business. It is not always the number of people who enrolled but it is the number of who become successful that counts the most.

Do not waste your time, you need to have a model and a plan on how you will guide and help your sponsored member. These are some of the principles that you can use to help them become successful.

MLM Recruiting Principle #1 – Don’t Get Yourself Too Attached from the Outcome

You are too excited when there is new person who is interested to join your business. It is expected but you have to be careful not to show it to your enrollees because your gestures and enthusiasm will scare them away. They will see the dollar sign in your eyes and they might think that you will rob them. Your enthusiasm should be on helping them, on understanding what they need and on thinking how you can help them because making them successful will make you gain more success as well. The outcome is the same so you should focus on them so your enthusiasm will be appreciated and will be duplicated.

MLM Recruiting Principle #2 – Use Your Team and Your Upline

Even if you can do everything alone, asking your upline’s advice is still worth it. Maybe it is not for you, if you understand everything and you know how to explain everything, you still shouldn’t do it alone. Why? Because it will give an impression to your prospect that they will be left alone in a long run. Asking your upline to help you guide your prospect will get the work fast and will give an impression that you are a helping team. Prospects want to feel the atmosphere of a team who are always there for each other.

MLM Recruiting Principle #3 – Set a Realistic Expectation

If your business is good enough to make you successful then you do not have to be exaggerated in giving your prospects promises and expectations. Many network marketer failed on this. They make many promises to convince their prospects to start their business with them like saying “in just one month, you will be successful and you will earn this amount”. Another example is “the product sells itself so you do not have to do anything”. The tendency is, your prospect will cling into that and will not do anything. It is easy to lose your prospects once your business did not deliver what it promises. Set a realistic expectation. Tell them that if they do this, they will get this. Tell them that with this business, their effort will be rewarded.

MLM Recruiting Principle #4 – Invest on Personal Development

In MLM Recruiting, you have to choose the people who will join your team and not take everybody who are interested because of the money. You have to pre-qualify them too. It will be easier for you if you find a person who believes in personal development and who is already doing it. This type of person is open to any idea that will make them get better and productive. If you already have a team of people you haven’t pre-qualified, you should instill them the importance of personal development. You can start by sharing words from a previous book you have read.

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