Craigslist Marketing on MLM Recruiting

Craigslist Marketing on MLM RecruitingCraigslist is not the common place a network marketer do MLM recruiting.  However, some people do succeed using this medium so if you are the experimental type and you want to try other types of marketing then craigslist is one medium you should try.

Why Do Craigslist Marketing on MLM Recruiting?

Craigslist is a popular classified advertisement website and it has sections where people look and find a job. Some of network marketers think that you will only get desperate people who wants a job in this website but it is not always the case. Some people goes there and look for opportunity to improve their lives.

How to Succeed in Craigslist Marketing?

1. Know Your Target

Knowing your target is the first step in MLM recruiting so this is the first step in Craigslist marketing as well. By knowing your target market, you can post an ad that is speaking directly to them. You can customize the ads that would appeal them and you can categorize your ads according to your needs.

2. Post a Clear Ads

You should write something about what would they expect in the business like if there is a fee or an initial investment so before they submit their resumes, you know that they are wiling.

3. Qualify

In your ads, you should  write something you want to be part of your team. Write clearly if you want someone who is fun to work with and motivated. This way, you are qualifying them already and they are qualifying themselves too. If they think that they are not perfect for your team they wouldn’t bother to apply but if they think that they are qualified then they will go for it.

4. Disqualify

Do not attempt to close everyone who send you their application letters. You should only talk to people who you think are qualified and do not waste your time talking to people who are not open and are not making a buying decision. Disqualify them and go to the nextyour  name on list.

In craigslist marketing you are in control, you hold your posture and you are not begging for them. You are just waiting for people to come to you and then you will choose among them who you think is better to work with. Isn’t is a cool way to do MLM recruiting?

Most of the people who comes to you are already open to start business with you and most of them are already qualified and all you have to do is to hire them. Awesome!

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