MLM Success Secrets that will Fire Up Your New Reps

MLM Success Secrets that will Fire Up Your New RepsOkay, you have new reps in your team, now what? What are you going to do when to get them started?

Being a leader in MLM business doesn’t end with recruiting. Your duty as their upline just got started. The name of the game is not by the number of recruits but by the number of people who stay in the business. Many new recruits quit the next day and if this happens all the time, you are helping nobody and you are not doing what it takes to be a successful network marketer.

Here are MLM Success Secrets to make your new reps stay in the business and to get them started.

4 MLM Success Secrets

MLM Success Secrets #1 – Expectations

The secret to keep your new reps in the business is to ask their expectations. You need to know from the beginning how much work they are willing to do in the business and how much money they want to earn before you let them sign up. You are doing this for you and for them to not get them disappointed when they enter in. You need to evaluate their expectations if it is realistic and if not, you need to correct them first and when they already have realistic expectations then you can let them sign up and you can both get started with the business.

MLM Success Secrets #2 – Goals and Level of Aggressiveness

After you have your new reps sign up, it is time to evaluate or to assess their level of aggressiveness and their goals. However, be careful not to turn them off. You have to make them feel good about being part of the team.

MLM Success Secrets #3 – Teach them to teach

Teach your news rep where they can find the answers to their questions like where they can find support or where they can see news about the upcoming events so they are not always asking you and you are not always answering their questions. You should also teach them to do the same in their new reps.

MLM Success Secrets #4 – Get them to the events

Teach your new reps the importance of attending events and bring them with you whenever possible. Teach them how to go to event as well in their own and teach them to bring their new reps to the event because there is no one who succeeds in the business without attending events so it is really crucial that they do it.

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