MLM Tips – What to Say to Old Contacts

MLM Tips - What to Say to Old ContactsDo you want to have new recruits? There are many ways on how to get new recruits but have you tried calling your old contacts? After doing everything in your MLM business and you want to learn more ways, calling your old contacts is a good option. Your old contacts are the people who might still know you or people who don’t know you anymore. These people might be interested before but you weren’t able to close due to some circumstance or the people who are not interested before that might be interested now. These MLM tips will teach you how to talk to these people and how you can be able to recruit them.

MLM Tips #1 – Do not be too obsessed with the outcome

In MLM business, most of the people say no, so get use to that. Do not overthink. Do not think about what might happen and do not think about the negative. Do not think what if I got rejected. You will just get a nervous breakdown if you do overthinking. Remember that you are looking for people who are interested so if they are not interested then move on the next name on your list.

MLM Tips #2 – Go for speed

Do not spend too much time talking about non-sense thing to these people, especially if they don’t remember you anymore. Do not try to get build a rapport because you’ve done that before and they know that already. Their time is valuable and so your time is, so make your call clear and fast.

MLM Tips #3 – Be nice, polite and straight forward

First thing first, introduce yourself and make the person remember who you are. Say your true intention; make a small introduction of what is coming and the reason of your call. Tell the person that there is something that about the happen, whether it is a major launch of the product, an event or webinar and that you remember that individual and you make a call before you go. You can ask if the person is still looking for a home based business or if the person already decided to have home based business. After getting the answer, if it is positive, make an appointment and hang up the phone or if you get negative answer, just say thanks and wish the person well and say your goodbye.

Some people who have talked before maybe waiting for you now and just misplaced your contact number. It did happen and they are glad that you called. Of course, some people will say no but just focus on the people who say yes. Be delighted that you’ve got new recruits fast and easy.

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