MLM Tips – What Are You Going To Do After Company’s Event?

MLM Tips – What Are You Going To Do After Company’s Event?You have heard many MLM tips and maybe you have mastered some of them already but this one is fresh because you seldom or haven’t heard it yet from your mentors. This is about what you supposed to do after the company’s event. What are you going to do to succeed? How are you going to take advantage of what you have learned? These are the questions that you have to answer and these are the questions that will help you out. You know you have to go the event or to create an event but what are you going to do after that?

What People Usually Do After The Event?

Network marketers usually record the event and the first thing they do is that they make a recap of what had happened in the event, upload the video on YouTube and share it to their social networking sites. They do this to encourage other networkers to join the next event. However, it isn’t the right way to do it. It’s okay though if you are already doing it because you are doing an action but there is more effective way to encourage them.

Why Doing a Recap Is Not Effective?

Even if everyone is doing a recap, it doesn’t mean that it is effective. You should create a result instead. Creating a result will encourage more people to join the next event. You should tell them that you accomplished this thing because you have attended the event. You set an example that everyone will love to follow.

Additional MLM Tips around the Event

MLM Tips #1 – Have a Vision

Have a vision that you accomplished something after each event. Imagine that on the next event you already have a different banner or a different button or pin or flair.

MLM Tips #2 – Work With Attendees

Build a relationship with the people who came to the event. These people are the serious one. These are the people you should work with because they are treating their business seriously. Work with them and you will sure make it at the top.

MLM Tips #3 – Book a meeting

Don’t stop there. Make it sure that there is a follow up after the event. You should schedule next activity like a home party or another meeting that is inspired of the current event. It should be a follow up or other things related.

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