The Secrets of Motivating a Network Marketer

The Secrets of Motivating a Network MarketerMotivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Some network marketer believes that motivation is fake and not true. But if you listen to success story, you will learn that all of them are motivated by something that’s why they did what they did.

Many people want to do something but the lack of motivation makes them not do it. This is the reason why every network marketer should attend seminars and event, to keep the fire burning in their hearts and to keep them going.

Network Marketer Motivation is the stir of emotion.

It is the inner force that makes a person motivated. If they are too happy, they can finished their tasks faster, if they are angry they can do things that you don’t expect them to do. People are motivated by their emotion so as a leader in the industry this is what you should master to target. It is not enough that you tell them story just to let them know the message. Many people know what to do and that they have to do it, yet they failed to do it. It is because knowing will not make them move. You have to tell them story to touch them. If you told them that they would be rich is they do it, well, they knew it already and it won’t change a thing but if you told them that they can have the greatest vacation they dream about if they do this, it will surely create an impact. If you let them use their imaginations into the things they want to achieve, it will trigger their emotions.

Network Marketer Motivation is inspiration.

If they are inspired they will be motivated. If you show them that you’ve got what they want to have because you do it, it will make them move. If there is a why in their lives, it will inspire them to work. They might be inspired by the thought that they will no longer have to rush to work just to have food in the table, just like you. You can have a sound sleep and wake up feel refresh in the morning with not only food in the table but the luxury of sharing your breakfast with your family and having quality time with them.

When you are motivated, no one can distract you from achieving what you want. You can do things that you thought before are impossible. That is the power of motivation!

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