3 Wrong Ways of Approaching Network Marketing Companies Members

3 Ways of Approaching Network Marketing Companies MembersNetwork Marketing Companies members are perfect targets to approach but they might be also the most difficult people to pitch. They are good to approach because they are already open on joining network marketing company since they already join one. What is great to know is they are not happy to where they are currently in; therefore they will find another one that is suitable for them. Knowing this gives you an opportunity to invite them to your company. This is called the perfect timing.

Network Marketing Companies members on the other hand are hard to approach because they are already accustom to the usual way of pitching and they are ready to resist your offer when they got the chance and they will do the counter offer.

If you are determine to approach other members of other network marketing company then you should take heed of these 3 advices on how to approach them.

Don’t Bash Network Marketing Companies Members Company

Don’t try to talk negatively on other people’s company for it may lead to a debate and you don’t want that. The debate will be on which is better, yours or his and the person you are talking to wouldn’t allow you to win the debate. This person will close his ears on your explanations and will think ways to depend his. You never win anything in doing so. You will only get enemies.

Don’t Bash About Your Previous Network Marketing Companies

If you have been in your previous company for a long period of time, you shouldn’t talk ill about the company because you will look like a fool for staying so long. You can say that you joined your new company because you need growth or anything like that. Bashing other companies wouldn’t make your current company looks better.

Don’t Spam

Do not send these people with unsolicited links, especially with old phrase like “check this out” or “visit us”. Not only that it doesn’t work but you will also label as spammer and it is not a good impression. You are just wasting your effort on unproductive activities.

The above mention “don’ts” are basic things on not to do not only to network marketing companies members but as well to other people. Learn to approach the right way. Learn to respect other people, respect other opinions and other companies and you will gain respect in return.

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