Which Is Better Network Marketing Company Branding or Personal Branding?

Which Is Better Network Marketing Company Branding or Personal Branding?We all know the importance of branding in network marketing business and most people are working hard on it. It is because when you already have a name in the business, you do not have to chase people and they will chase you. Network Marketing Company Branding is what network marketers usually do thinking that when they establish their company name, recruiting will be easy.

Personal branding on the other hand became popular with network marketers too. It is said that you have to make a name in the industry to make people trust you.

Knowing that network marketing company branding and personal branding are both important, it gives confusion to network marketers on where to focus. Now they are raising the question which is better network marketing company branding or personal branding?

Network Marketing Company Branding

It takes a lot of effort to brand your company, starting from the color. Your website and all your social media sites should be in uniform with the company’s logo. If the company logo is blue and pink, this should be the background and font of all your websites. This is for the public to easily recognize the company.

Since you are representing the company, you should be recognized as the company’s rep; therefore you should wear t-shirt, cap or jacket with the same color or with company logo. This is the same with the things you use such as mugs and laptop. This is called offline marketing. If you are proud of your business this is cool and this is such a great strategy for network marketing company branding. However, you are not alone in the company. There are many reps out there and once they screw up then you’re screwed.

There are two ways on how it is going to work for you, either your company make a good reputation that recruiting will be easier or your company will make a bad impression because uncommitted members. If it has a bad impression, seeing you wearing company’s brand will make people stay away from you.

Personal Branding

Personal branding on the other hand is not really all about you. It is about what you do. You do not have to create a logo or to make a brand because your brand is yourself already. You already have your name and you already have a face. You only have to make people know who you are and what you do. In personal branding you have in control. No one can mess around except you. When you build people’s trust and confidence in you then recruiting them would be a lot of fun.

Personal branding is a safer activity for network marketers because there is no effort wasted, especially if you shift company, you do not have to change branding because you do not brand your company but yourself.

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