Main Reason of Network Marketing Failure

Main Reason of Network Marketing FailureWhat is the main reason of network marketing failure?

The majority of network marketers fail because they are afraid of talking to other people. If you have decided to join network marketing business, you must prepare yourself to talk to a lot of people and most of them strangers. Why? It is because network marketing is about networking and marketing. Networking means you need to network or to widen the group of people you know, you need to influence many people and introduce them the system that you have. You need to approach people you don’t know and don’t know what you have. Marketing means you need to spread awareness and it means you need to be visible to many people to create interaction and awareness.

Why Fear of Talking to Other People will lead to Network Marketing Failure?

If you don’t talk to other people, how will they know you exist and how will they know that there is such program that can help them get out of their miseries and live a meaningful and fulfilling life? We are social being and can’t live alone. We need other people in our lives and we them need to survive. Other people need you too. They need to know you and they need to hear the opportunity that you have.

Why Network Marketers are Afraid of Talking to People?

  1. Most of us are afraid of talking to other people for the reason that fear of strangers has been instilled to us since we are young. We have thought that there is danger in talking to stranger, thus, as we grow old, we never get over the feeling of fear of strangers.
  2. In network marketing business, we will meet a lot of people who will say no. Majority of them will turn down your offer. Thus fear of rejection arises. The number of “no’s” doesn’t make network marketing failure but your fear of rejection does. Since, you have been rejected all the time, you stopped talking to people.
  3. Lack of self-belief and confidence in the business that you have hindered you from talking to people. You think that you are not good enough and what you have might not be good enough for them.

How to Overcome Your Fear and Network Marketing Failure?

  1. Remember that we are all humans. We are all the same. The difference is you’ve got something they don’t have and you’ve got something that they can help them, thus, you need to approach them.
  2. Think of the worst and the best thing that could happen. If you talk to people what could possibly the worst thing that you will get? Will you get hurt physically? Then think about the best thing that could happen. Will they thank you for the opportunity, join you and make millions and make you millionaire as well?
  3. Think about what will happen if you let network marketing failure eats you. Your life will remain the same and it will get worst because there is no such thing as standing still. It is either you grow or you die, so choose.

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