Problem in Network Marketing Recruiting

Network Marketing Recruiting – Closing PointThe problem with network marketers is that they start network marketing recruiting but afraid at the end of the line. They are afraid when closing time is at hand. They are afraid because they don’t want to be rejected. They don’t want to hear “no” as an answer. The excitement of hearing a “yes” should win over the feeling of fear of a “no”. You should see the significance of what you are doing. If you haven’t close them, you are wasting your time and you are not completing the process of network marketing recruiting because you haven’t recruit them at all.

How to overcome network marketing recruiting problem in closing?

Think of the successful network marketers. If they haven’t been recruited they will never be successful and their lives will never be changed. Think how you can make an impact to someone life if you have closed them. You should believe that you are the door to paradise because you truly are. Complete the process and ask them the closing question.

Don’t get affected to the outcome. You must be aware of the fact that many people will say “no”. It happens and it is not personal. It is not about you. The person is not rejecting you but the opportunity to have a life. They are rejecting the opportunity of living the lifestyle of their dreams.

Talk to more people. You should have enough people in your list to fill your day when you start network marketing recruiting. Since most of the time, people will say no, talk to more people to find someone who will say yes. It is like digging for gold. Never mind the 9 people who said no and celebrate with the one person who said yes. If your batting average is you’ve got 1 person out of 10 then you should talk to people not lesser to that number.

Say less to the people you talk to. Don’t talk too much about the whole business in one person in one time because chances are they will get lost with everything because it is too much for them to absorb and when they didn’t get what you mean, they will automatically say no. Also, you have scheduled yourself to talk to more people so how can you do that if you have wasted your time to one person?

Answer their question in brief that leads to closing question. Stop over-explaining. Make your answer short and straight to the point and transform it into closing question. If they ask, how you are making money, you can answer them that it is easy and that you can guide them on how to do it, now ask them if they are coachable and if they say yes, then you have them fill the form and rock on!

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