Network Marketing Recruiting – Say Less to More People

Network Marketing Recruiting – Say Less to More PeopleDo you get positive results with your network marketing recruiting? If not, maybe it is time for you to stop and think for a moment and ask yourself “Am I doing something wrong?” Certainly there is something wrong with your approach because if you are doing it right you are getting more recruits.

Check if you are talking too much and if you do, it’s time for you to slow down and talk less. Do this and check if you get a more appealing result. If you do, share it to your team and help them grow as you grow.

Network marketing recruiting is not about perfecting your presentation. The best advice is to stop talking too much. If you have been ask if what you are offering them is network marketing, don’t be a coward to admit that it is. What’s wrong with being a network marketer? If your aim is to have a great lifestyle, this is the best career for you so why you get so scared to say yes?

You know you are afraid when you are being defensive and you try to explain even if it is not necessary. Your prospects can sense your anxiety and when you are not confident, they will feel that it is not right and will turn you down. Don’t make unnecessary explanations and be brief with your answers.

Reasons why you should stop talking too much in network marketing recruiting:

  1. By talking less, you can have more time to talk to more people.
  2. By not talking too much, your prospect can easily grasp what you are saying and feel that they can do that as well. When it’s too complicated, they would feel that they can’t do the same explanation as you do.
  3.  If your prospect turns you down, you will not feel that bad because you haven’t spent too much time on that person.

There is no perfect way of network marketing recruiting. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get much reps and do not conclude that you are no better. Just think of ways on how you can get better and focus on the thought that you are getting better each day.

Just follow the above advice. Don’t talk too much. Talk less and get more recruits in doing so. Be proud of what you do and be proud of what you are. Don’t hesitate. Network marketing is better than any other profession because of what it offers. When your prospects see that you are proud and confident they will feel that it is something great and that they want to be part of it.

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