What People Hate in Network Marketing Recruiting?

What People Hate in Network Marketing Recruiting?What people hate in network marketing recruiting is the manner of the messenger. If people can really have the chance to know what exactly network marketing is, then you do not have to go outside to recruit at all. These people will definitely go and search of you. However, network marketers already gave the public a negative impression that makes network marketing recruiting harder.

People think that all network marketing business are the same. Once they see one, they already know what to do next and this is to RUN! Stay away as much as possible when there is more time. Tell him I’m not here..this is their lines and common reactions. Now let us go back to the question, what people hate in network marketing recruiting? Before we answer the question let us define network marketing first.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is the business wherein you can have your freedom. You can have your own schedule and your own place. You can also earn as much as you can. There is no limit and there are no boundaries except when you limit yourself. You are your own boss and no one is responsible to your failure and success but you. Network marketing can help you bring out the best in you, gain residual income and leveraged income.

Who doesn’t want that? Nobody! Now why recruiting becomes so hard when it supposed to be so easy?  It is because of these 5 words.


This is the main reason why people don’t like network marketing. The network marketer becomes too pushy and forgets to care. When you get serious on getting sign ups and you want to hit your goal for the day, you forgot the primary objective of network marketing and this is to help other people. You can’t help other people when you are to concern about what you are going to get. As a network marketer, you should be concern on what you will have to offer.

You should care and you should listen. Do not tell them that you have the best deal and yet you keep pushing them. You need to learn to respect their opinion and you have accept their “no”. If you don’t push as miserable as other does then they hear something new and they will have a second thought and might call you back and change their mind.

If you think you have the best then you shouldn’t be chasing people, they should chase you instead. Just plan them with a little information. What is important is you bring them the message. What to avoid? Avoid being Pushy!

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