Network Marketing Secret – Stop Being Lazy

Network Marketing Secret- Use Your CalendarMost of the time being lazy can damage you a lot. The common reason why a person becomes lazy is because they don’t feel inspired or motivated. They don’t see any pain in not working and they don’t notice that they are becoming lazy. They didn’t realize it because they are enjoying what they’re doing like watching television the whole day and they neglect to do their profit producing activities. If you are solemn to change that attitude, you may feel little bit uncomfortable.

Moreover, as January is coming to an end, you must be already doing your New Year resolution. Most of our New Year resolution starts with “I will not ___________ anymore”. If your NY resolution is that you are not going to be lazy to do your network marketing profit producing activities anymore then this network marketing secret would benefit you.

Network Marketing Secret Using a Calendar

Does it sound weird for you to use calendar as your network marketing secret? This secret could be the most influential for every network marketers and especially for those who wants to stop being lazy. Take a look at your calendar. Does it have some plans written on it?

If none, take time to fill out those days and weeks. As a network marketer, always put in your mind this old saying – Time is Gold.

Make sure that you plan things in order. I don’t mean to not consider at least one day of rest. You should also include it in your calendar. Identify things or events that you need to go to and because you are a network marketer, you should include attending seminars and trainings, prospecting your cold or warm market, following up sales, profit producing activities, etc.

By doing this network marketing secret of using a calendar, you will never run out of anything to do and meetings. You are prepared for everything because it is written in your calendar before the actual event happens. Aside from that, it will be less stress for you because you don’t have to think hard to remember again things that need your attention or you will not missed anything. Sometimes, we stop and do other non-productive activities instead because we forgot what to do next then tap our head when we remember and yet it is too late. Using this network marketing secret would give you no stress plus you can use your time wisely and most of all you can now stop being lazy.

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