What are the Success and Sacrifices in Network Marketing?

What are the Success and Sacrifices in Network Marketing?Every network marketer wants to achieve success in the field of network marketing. Others are dreaming to be one of the top earner network marketers. Others already achieve it and as a sign of their success, they buy beautiful houses, luxurious cars and giving lots of donation to a charity.

Is it worthy to sacrifice in network marketing?

Sacrifice is a big word and a serious thing. My answer to this question would be yes and no.

Yes, because no one can achieve success without having sacrifices. It is like having to choose between your favorite basketball team over a meeting with your new rep. Your favorite basketball team will be playing at grand finals and it is exclusive. It is a dream comes true for you because you are a diehard fan of them. Unfortunately your new rep gave you the same date and time for your meeting and it is the only available time for that person and it is your only chance to recruit that individual to your team.

It is better to sacrifice your favorite basketball team rather than your meeting with a new rep, sacrificing of watching your favorite basketball team playing in grand finals is worth it than to sacrifice your work. If you give priority on other things other than your work, it will become a habit of yours and the dream of being a successful network marketer would be out of reach. If you succeed, you can watch more games, more grand finals in the future.

On the other hand, it is not worthy to sacrifice if what is at stake is your relationship with your family and your love ones. If you don’t have time with your love ones anymore, it is not healthy for you. You got to learn to work on schedule without sacrificing your time for them. You may get abundance of money but you may not get abundance love from your family, whom is the reason why you are working hard.

Network marketing is not all about working hard all day and all night. Learn to manage your time and what is great about it is that we have this residual income so you are earning while you are with your family.

You need to know when to sacrifice and when not to sacrifice for you career. Know your priority and what matters in your life. Above all, learn to manage everything so you do not need to sacrifice anything.

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