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Network Marketing Success Ressource – F.O.R.M Formula

Network Marketing Success steps using F.O.R.M Formula

For network marketing success it is more critical to have a perfect balance between what you hear and what you speak. Consider it like a weighing balance, if you speak too much and listen less you will end up in lost sale and client may be ignoring you in future. In contrast if you end up with too much listening, you will not be on your objective of successfully making a deal. Network marketing gurus had devised a tested and very successful formula, which will balance the listening and speaking factors. This formula will increase your income enormously and making more calls effectively, your will build your network marketing success. The formula is using F.O.R.M technique.

By FORM we mean “F for Family, O for occupation, R for recreation and M for Money”. Some network marketing experts may have been successful without knowing why they are successful. You are a really lucky one; you don’t have to waste that amount of time to get to the top of network marketing success as they go by trail and error.

Network Marketing Success Step 1 – Family:

Discuss about the family members, what are they doing now days? What are their occupation and education? Try to find out the importance of each family member in the whole family. Use smart questions like where did you go last time to have a vacation with your family? Keep the focus on, you will have good amount of information revealed by the client in the mean time. If any thing negative arises like inability to cope up with the tuition fees of kids or health concern of wife note it down in your mind. These are called pain areas in network marketing.

Network Marketing Success Step 2 – Occupation:

Occupation is perhaps the most important aspect as it deals directly with break and butter of the prospect. Network marketing success requires handling this aspect with smartness. Ask the prospect about his history and current situation in his job or business. Discuss the economic scenario; discuss how mergers, buyouts, layouts and other threats still exist there. The prospect may find him in some areas of pain. He or she would definitely have some areas of pain.

Network Marketing Success Step 3 – Recreation:

Find out the recreational interest of your prospect. What he likes to do in his leisure time, like out door activities, in door activities, reading books etc. You have worked on family and occupations area well then you will not find this area too difficult. Ask very critical questions like “Do you have enough time to enjoy life after working hours or feel drained?” This area was neglected by many network marketing experts in past but sometime small things make or breaks a deal.

Network Marketing Success Step 4 – Money:

Money is very important to discuss and really delicate also. Communicate things like that are potential threat for his earnings. Ask for future plans of him in terms of investment and retirement plans. Check out he may have concerns over the future income. That is the lead for you and your network marketing success.

By using F.O.R.M. technique, you actually identify prospects needs. Present your product to them in the way that you are addressing their pain areas and not selling your product. You will be surprised to know that how easily you are able to convert a prospect into a client by using F.O.R.M. technique and as a consequence build your network marketing success.

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