Why do Network Marketing Team Get Discouraged?

Network Marketing Team – Reasons of DiscouragementWe have previously tackled about tips on how to motivate your team. A motivated team will surely be more productive and profitable. In addition, a motivated team will make your company much stronger. However, even if you encourage and motivate them they still feel discourage. Why?

If you are a leader of network marketing team, you want to encourage them and help them succeed but what if the contradictory happens. Below are some of the reasons why a leader discourages his or her network marketing team.

Reasons of Discouragement in Network Marketing Team

As a leader, you want only the best for your network marketing team. Attending seminars or trainings is the first steps you always told them to do. In the seminar they will hear the stories of fast success. Network marketers close a deal or sign up 50 prospects in one week. Network marketer earns a hundred thousand in a couple of days. Network marketers receive a certificate as the top earner of the company. If you are the leader, you will actually think that all your network marketing team will get motivated by all of these.

But, less percent of your network marketing team will be encouraged and more percent from your team will be discouraged. Why will your team discourage though the topic is about success? It is because not all the members of your team are experiencing that kind of success, or should I say they have a late success waiting them.

Members of your team will feel that something is wrong with them and they will think it as the reason why they do not succeed. They prefer to quit and find a better one. Do you like it to happen in your network marketing team? Definitely not. Therefore, it is better to find solution to a problem.

Tip to Prevent Discouragement in Network Marketing Team

Try not to share all about fast success. It does not mean never share it just lessen, as what says above they will feel something is wrong with them. It is not all network marketer achieve success in a fast way, there are also network marketers that achieve success in a long run.

Encouragement and motivation is great for your network marketing team but you should know what type of motivation will encourage them. Have a group meeting and know their thoughts and their feelings before you plan any motivational activities or tools to encourage them to keep going.

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