Motivate Your Team in Network Marketing

Network Marketing –Tips to Motivate Your TeamIn network marketing, a team needs a motivation. A motivated team will surely be more productive and more profitable. An unmotivated team will be less creative, less productive, and a negative asset in your network marketing company. It is important to motivate your team because your team will make your company gets stronger.

What should you do to motivate your team? What should you do to make it without thinking that you just forcing them to work? This article will give you helpful tips on how to motivate your team in effective way.

Tips to Motivate Your Team in Network Marketing

 Motivating Tip #1 – Motivate Yourself

A motivated leader has a motivated team. In order to motivate others, motivate yourself first. Remember that you are the mirror of your team. If they see that you are happy of what you are doing then they will be happy too. Rewarding yourself when you have accomplishment is one way of motivating yourself which you can also apply in your team. Think of some things that will make you motivated like your family, looking over your awards, certificates and other recognitions you have received, etc.

 Motivating Tip #2 – Take an Action

Taking some action will motivate your team. If they see you working and not just sitting there and giving them your commands, for sure they will work too. Show them that you are not just a boss or a leader but you are also a follower. They believe in what you are doing. For example, if you can recruit 12 people within one month, then they will tell to themselves that – if my leader can do it, I can also do it.

Taking action will not only motivate your team. You will also gain from it and it will help your company. Success is not impossible if you act on it.

 Motivating Tip #3 – Make a Positive Environment

Other companies do not realize that to motivate your team a positive environment is needed. Every leader should be approachable. Open your doors to your team when they need help. Make smiling and greeting a habit inside your team. With a positive network marketing company, you can create a more motivated and productive team.

 Motivating Tip #4 – Know What Motivates Your Team

Knowing what motivates your team is equally important. You do not need to check them out one by one. Make a survey or a checklist that you can give them. This checklist should include award like certificates and recognition, increase of salary, vacation, treat to their favorite restaurant, etc. After knowing what motivates them, have a meeting with each of the category.

Let us say, a group of members that want a vacation. You can give them a vacation they want if, remember IF, if they agreed to the deal that you want. For example, a 3 days vacation is equivalent to 3 leads a week.

Remember that motivating a team is important. A motivated team will make your company stay stronger.

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