Phone Network Marketing Training Part 2

Phone Network Marketing Training Part 2In the previous article we’ve teach you on how to do phone calls that will definitely get you more recruits and we also tackled the importance of calling people in network marketing. You cannot succeed in the industry without doing phone calls and people who are interested in the business should learn how to do it properly. In the first part of our network marketing training, you have learned how to answer voicemails, how to manage your tone and how to be firm with someone who haven’t show up in your appointment. If you are ready to learn more and to take this phone network marketing training, here’s the second set.

Network Marketing Training – How to Call People

Talk about What Your Product Does

If you are already in the selling mode, don’t talk about what it is but talk about what it does. Hit your prospects to their emotional level. For example, you are selling a weight loss program, do not concentrate on the cost and the model but focus on the benefits like, “how do you think your boyfriend will react if he see you in perfect shape?”.

Stop Talking to Nasty People

When the person you called started speaking ill things about you and being rude, stop talking and head on to the person next in your list. You simply don’t want to close people with that attitude. Do not try to accept all the insults and beg that person to join you. Be a professional and respect yourself if you want to be respected. It would not help with your Network Marketing Training in an efficient way.

End with a Confirmation

This is one of the most important network marketing training that you should learn. Closing is very vital. As we have mentioned in our previous post, you need to manage your tonality and you have to do it well in the closing part. End the process with a confirmation rather than question. If you say, it sounds you are ready to join, then your prospect will answer you with a nod or a yes or a smile. But if you ask a question like, “it sounds to me you are ready to join?”, you are giving your prospects the chance to answer no or to think about it. This is key for your Network Marketing Training to get results.

Call More People

If you lack in skill, make it up with numbers. The best network marketing training when it comes to calling people is that you have to talk to more people until you become comfortable. There is no other training that is effective than this. The more you are afraid, the more you should talk to them until you learned the right way of talking.

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