What is Offline Attraction Marketing?

What is Offline Attraction Marketing?Offline Attraction Marketing is as simple as marketing your business outside the online world. It is telling people about what you’ve got personally, face to face and in flesh. When we talk about offline attraction marketing, the first things that will come up to our mind are putting banners, giving away fliers and other visual marketing medium. However, this is the old ways of marketing your business offline. Though, we can’t deny its effectiveness, there is one thing that will totally help network marketers in inviting people to join you. This is through seminars, events or meetings.

Offline Attraction Marketing Through Seminars

You can use offline attraction marketing through meeting your prospects face to face through seminars, events or meetings. Seminars are effective to market your product or services because the people who join are already interested. They will not show up if they’re not interested in the first place.

It is through events that you can have the chance to speak in public and your chance to tell them whatever you have in mind and expect them to listen. It is also through meetings that you can speak one time in a group of people. This is way more time and effort efficient than talking one on one to your prospects.

What to Do to Attract People to Join You after the Seminars

First, you must have sponsored at least 25 people on your seminar. Plan ahead on what you are going to discuss and how you are going to discuss it. Then invite the people to join you either by creating a Facebook event or signing up on online meeting directories.

Record the event because it can be part of your content. Before you begin, you must ask them first on what they want to learn or to get out of the event. By knowing what they are expecting, you will know how to start the event. If what they want is not part of your prepared speech, you can at least touch a little bit about it to satisfy them.

After the event, ask them if they got value out of it or if reach their expectation. You can also give them a small piece of paper and ask them to write their name, number and their number 1 question so you can answer them. This way, you can get their numbers and you know their number 1 question. Direct them on what to do afterwards so they will not get lost. After that have a 5-minute break and ask them to stay if they want to know and to learn more. After the break you can start pitching your products or services.

You can do offline attraction marketing by giving them a sense of urgency and scarcity to get your product. Let say that you will only offer this product with the bonus today and only 5 people can receive it. Expect 5 people in your team after the 1 hour event.

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