What is Prospecting?

What is Prospecting?Prospecting is the ability to determine whether the person is right for your team or not. Not all people are fit to join your business so you should do the right qualifying. Talking to everyone hoping that they will join and will fit in is a waste of time. It will create disappointments and a bad impression to your team.

In qualifying your prospect, you should have a list of traits of a person you want to have or at least you have already figure that in your mind. You need somebody who is open to new opportunity and very positive. You don’t want negative people to be part of your team because it will only spread the disease in your other team members and will cause your team to collapse. You should get person that has the same ambition as you are and who share a common goal or interest.

If the person is not ready do not pursue him but make a list of people who you approached that is not yet ready and approach them in different time, in time you think they might be ready. Talk to as many people as you can, this has been taught in prospecting because in talking with them you will learn if they are qualified or not. However, it doesn’t mean that you will talk to everyone. Sometimes, you don’t need to talk to people to qualify them. You already knew if they are the right one base on their profile and the way they talk. Investigate first before talking to them will save you a lot of trouble.

If you do not do the right process, you might get disappointment with the person you recruit. It might be because the personality that the person has doesn’t fit in your team and this person doesn’t deliver what is expected and the sad part is when this person doesn’t succeed inside your team, this individual might tell people negative things about your team just to depend himself why he doesn’t succeed.

Teach Prospecting

In network marketing industry, it is not only important that you learn the art of prospecting and you get the right people in your team. To get your team moving and to help them succeed is to teach them the right way of prospecting. Once your team learns it, they will duplicate your success and the more your team becomes successful, the more successful you get.

Learning alone is good but learning how to teach what you have learned is great!

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