Social Media Marketing Tips for CEOs

Social Media Marketing Tips for CEOsCEO, being the top leader of the company often dictates what to do with their subordinates. However, study shows that CEO should also participate with social media marketing. There are vast advantages that come to the CEO who are being social online.

When the CEO online sociability increases, the company reputation improves. Apart from that it demonstrates innovation, it makes the company more human and above all it increases business results.

The CEO is now expected to be the primary content providers for the company. Social media marketing helps the executives to be a better leader aside from the fact that it is an efficient tool in giving information.

Study also shows that CEOs are already using the internet to communicate with their employees even if they are not using social media. However, they should be more engage and advance their communications and practice using social media sites.

Social Media Marketing Tips #1 – Utilize Social Tools Expansive Set

CEOs shouldn’t just post messages in social media like Twitter or Facebook but they should strategize and create a plan on how to drive their targets to know their companies and how to spread content all over other social media channels.

Social Media Marketing Tips #2 – Create a Blog

Keeping a blog is valuable in a long run for CEO. They should keep one and update it regularly with their insights. Their blog should be meaningful and deep. It will gain followers and it will give them and their company a strong impression.

Social Media Marketing Tips #3 – Leverage Your Website

A website once create will stay in the web forever as long as they are maintaining it. Your previous and current customer will seek your website to look for more information so you should be delivered in several formats.

Social Media Marketing Tips #4 – Self-Author

CEOs should create their own DIY approach. By posting it regularly they will not only influence other people but they also influence their determination to author everything by themselves.

Social Media Marketing Tips #5 – CEOs should be Forward-Looking

Social media is the future of the content distribution therefore as the CEO of the company; they should see it and they are a part of this kind of communication revolution.

Social Media Marketing Tips #6– Be Natural

Act naturally in social media. Though, CEO should be formal, they should loosen up a bit when using social media sites and be social. Being too formal doesn’t appeal the public who are using social media.

Social Media Marketing Tips #7 – Reach Out to Stakeholders

 CEOs should also see the opportunity of reaching out to stakeholders by engaging with them through social media.

This study was based on surveyed 630 CEOs in 10 different countries all over Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and North America.

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