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Social Media Marketing on InstagramWho says network marketers didn’t need Instagram? If you are using social media marketing in your network marketing business you shouldn’t left out using Instagram platform. Why? It is because many people now are using Instagram and became part of their daily activities. If you think that it is for kids and it is just for selfies, you are wrong. Instagram is another platform that tells story, used to inspire and to release your inner thoughts. It is another platform that needed value from network marketers.

Social Media Marketing – How to Use Instagram Successfully

Social Media Marketing on Instagram Tip #1 – Instagram is not for Business

Don’t create IG for business branding but do it for personal branding. Instagram is one of the best platforms in social media marketing to establish yourself as a leader. Create a personal account instead of business account.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram Tip #2 – Follow posting rule

Do not advertise yourself or your business too much. Follow the posting rule 80% value and 20% business. You can promote yourself as a leader by providing inspirational materials (videos or images). Inspire people to do what you do but do not promote yourself.

Social Media-Marketing on Instagram Tip #3 – Be Social

If you haven’t learn it by now, I will remind you that you will not gain any success in SMM if you didn’t learn how to be social. Your IG account will be fruitless if you didn’t come back once in a while to check it. You need to be part of community and be active. Once it becomes part of your system, it will not take a lot of time. It is just taking a quick break to check your account.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram Tip #4 – Be Consistent in Posting

If you want to gain followers you need to constantly post something every day. Have people something to check out on a daily basis and when they see valuable things in your account, they will keep on checking you.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram Tip #5 – Don’t do Over-posting

You need to be consistent on a daily basis but it doesn’t mean that you need to flood your followers with your post. It is still quality over quantity. Post only 2-3 times a day but never do over 5 posts.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram Tip #6 – Do not Abuse Hashtags

Using hashtag is a must but do not abuse it. Too much hashtag will get you into trouble. Only use hashtag that is relevant to your post.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram Tip #7 – Don’t Steal Photos

As much as possible upload original photos with high quality but make sure that you protect your images with watermarks and if you want to repost other photos, make sure that you will give credit to the owner.

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