Network Marketing Team Building Problem

Network Marketing Team Building ProblemWhat is your main team building problem? What is stopping you in building an empire? There are some things that people point out as their team building problem and it figures and it comes down to these two major problems and these are their mindset and the time. They are thinking that they can’t create a team because they don’t have enough time to train their people. They can’t recruit more because their time is limited. If this is your mindset then you won’t ever recruit new people in your team. What should be the mindset of a network marketer? Instead of concluding that you don’t have enough time and therefore you can’t recruit more people, think of ways on how you can manage your time effectively and how you can teach your new recruits without investing too much time and effort so you still have time to recruit more.

Team Building Problem – How to Manage Your Time

Create a Fast Start Training

Record a video, create an outline or whatever media devices that will help you welcome the new members of your team with a training on how this new member can get started with the business. This way you don’t have to meet each member one by one and welcome them. You didn’t also have to one on one train them because you’ve created a program that will guide them to get started.

Create Reusable Resources

When some members are asking you same questions, instead of answering all of their concerns why don’t you create a blog or a video addressing this concern and whenever you encountered the same question, you need to answer, you only need to lead them where they can find the answer. If you have held a webinar, meeting or event for your team members, your spoken words can never be duplicable so what you should do is to record an audio or video that you can re-use for the team members that just come along. You don’t need to have the same meeting whenever there is a new batch.

Search for Company’s Resources

Before you create your own resources, search for your company’s resources first and use it for your team. This will save you time and effort in creating one. Most the time, company has its training tool so take advantage of that and use it. Your upline might also have training programs, you can also share it.

To save time and effort, you only need to be resourceful so you can use your time wisely and effectively. Are you ready to build an empire now?

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