Many students of business, success and personal development who devour information at such a rate, you would there was a shortage of it!

I had one of my own students tell me last week “Lelia, I have read all those books you recommended, yet why am I not successful and not making money”

I told him…

Knowledge only becomes power when it becomes your personal philosophy!

Knowledge only becomes power when you are applying the knowledge every single day and taking consistent action

Knowledge is power when the thing becomes your habit!

The key to success is NOT more information, nor is it reading 100 books a year. In fact reading 1-2 books a week is counter-productive in most cases. I see so many people seeking the “secrets to success” by reading more and more books or dialing into hundreds of conference calls & webinars

And those people end up suffering from “information overload” and “dilution of focus” which produces nothing but confusion

A success principle will take at least 21 days to become a habit. That’s why when I read a book, it normally takes me at least a month to finish it properly. I will read it four or five times and focus on not just learning the key success principles, but applying them until they become part of my personal philosophy

Here’s a good way to learn something

1) Read a chapter of a book that contains a vital lesson
2) Write an article about that lesson in your own words
3) Shoot a video about the lesson
4) Every morning (or evening) ask yourself “Am I applying the lesson learned every day”
5) Repeat every day for at least 30 days

That’s how it becomes part of your personal philosophy

Even if you only learned one big thing each month, but you didn’t just learn it, you master it. Mastering 12 things each year to form your personal philosophy will make you measurably more successful than reading 50 books and mastering nothing

Remember “Knowledge is NOT power” it only becomes power when it is part of your philosophy

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