The Secret Of Easy Work- One of my Key Philosophies To Success!

Success is not a big cataclysmic event, nor is failure. Success and failure are the result of little, simple, easy actions and disciplines that we do daily. Its not what you do, its what you do daily

Like reading some personal growth material for 20 minutes each day, or getting on that treadmill for 30 minutes each day. Saying no to the soda drink and yes to the water…

They are all easy to do, so why don’t we do them every day? That is the Secret of Easy Work…

Because they are also easy NOT to do, and we don’t see the consequences immediately by not doing them – If you skip reading your personal growth book and opt to read the newspaper instead your brain wont instantly turn into mush – And if you don’t get on that treadmill today, you wont put on 30 pounds overnight!

But the problem is that if you miss a day, it’s easy to miss it again, then multiply that over 1000 days (3 years) and you’ll easily be 30 pounds overweight and your brain would be mush from reading all the garbage they print in the newspaper!

Inaction is always easier than action – Even the smallest of actions. That’s why we often skip doing the simple, easy things and because we don’t see any immediate consequences, it doesn’t worry us.

But if you could see the consequences 3 or 4 years from now, it would scare you so much, you daren’t miss reading that self help book or getting on that treadmill!

“Do the thing and ye shall have the power. Do not the thing and ye shall not have the power” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

That’s one of my favourite quotes that perfectly sums up the secret of easy things

Think of it with your marketing. It’s easy to focus on your PPC campaign for 2 hours each day, building new ad groups and optimizing existing ones…. But its also easy NOT to do it, because PPC generally runs by itself. Many people “set it and forget it”

Top producers understand the secret of easy work on their PPC campaign… Often just for 1-2 hours each day! – But we do it daily (remember, its not what you do, but what you do daily)

The Power Of Compounding Effort

Picture a huge, heavy flywheel, mounted horizontally on an axle – A massive Metal disk weighing 5 tons. Now imagine that your job is to get that flywheel rotating on the axle as fast as possible.
At first you have to use great force and push for a couple of hours before the flywheel does even a full turn. The first few turns require immense physical effort as the wheel turns slowly. As the Flywheel spins faster and faster, you’re still pushing with great force, then… Breakthrough. The tipping point!

The wheel eventually builds up enough momentum and energy that it spins 100 times faster with such speed and power that it’s momentum is unstoppable

“I am the unstoppable force. The obstacle must yield” (Aaron Parkinson)

Suppose someone came along and asked “what was the one big push that caused the wheel to spin so fast” The answer would be that it wasn’t one big push, but the result of hundreds of small pushes over time that build up momentum!

Living a Successful life or building a successful business the same – It’s not a single action that causes massive success. People ask me all of the time “What was the one thing that caused you to have your big breakthrough” or “What one thing caused that $100,000 month” and I always tell them that it’s the result of many simple, easy things repeated daily that built up so much momentum that my personal power, my marketing, business and my income became “An unstoppable force”

The people that ask that question are usually disappointed that there is no big secret, just many simple, easy things repeated daily. Every action no matter how small has a consequence…

And not taking each action (in-action or procrastination), has the same consequence, even though you wont see it or feel it immediately!

It’s easy to do and easy not to do, so remember that every wrong decision you make and action you don’t take wont kill you or destroy your chances for success today, but that simple error in judgment compounded over time, will kill your chances for success. It will take you down and out of your life forever.

The choice is always yours – That’s the secret of easy Work!

See you at the top

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