How to Gain Prospect in Twitter Marketing

How to Gain Prospect in Twitter MarketingFacebook is what we all know is the King of all Social Media. However, it is getting strict because there are a lot of spammers out there and because of that you can’t reach as many people as you want. Facebook is the most effective social media marketing tool but there is nothing wrong in extending your channel to other form of social media. Twitter is the next big thing after Facebook. In twitter, everybody is live and you can see the real time of their tweets.

In Twitter Marketing, you can reach as many people as you want. You can create a small conversation and you can lead them to your Facebook Page, email or through the phone where you can have a deeper conversation with them. It is known that twitter only allows you to write limited characters so it is better to lead them to other channel where you can discuss freely about your business.

Steps in Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Step #1 – Search for Your Targets

Once you already log in to your twitter account, you will start to look for your prospects. You can start by typing a phrase into search box at the top right of your twitter account. The phrase that you are going to type is the thing that you think your prospect will ask. For example, if you are into a travel business, you should search for people who are tweeting about vacation or travel, you can the type the phrase “I need a vacation” then enter and the people who tweet the phrase will show up. You will see the time they tweeted the phrase and you will know that they are live and you can interact with them.

Twitter Marketing Step #2 – Interact with Your Prospects

Once the people show up, you can start interacting with them by answering their tweets. Answer them in a friendly tone and with the human approach. Don’t use any automated response tool because it became too familiar with them already. As much as possible do not send links at once, make them ask for it first. Do not send links on a DM because it will look spammy and you will get banned. Answer them through mentioning them.

Twitter Marketing Step #3 – Lead Your Prospect to Your Other Channel

Once the prospect is interested, try to lead them to your other channel like Facebook Page so you can chat and discuss more or you can ask their email so you can update them or send them a proposal or you can get them through the phone to have a one on one conversation.

Make 5 to 10 messages a week through Twitter and expect a blast!

If you want more information about how to make engagement in your twitter marketing or any cutting-edge online network marketing strategies and skills, you will find on this blog lot of article and valuable content which I strongly encourage you to read and use to build your own business.

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