The Secret in Warm Market Recruiting

The Secret in Warm Marketing RecruitingYou might have heard it before so it might no longer a secret to you but if you first read it here then this is a secret revealed. What is the secret of warm market recruiting? The secret is not to be addictive to the outcome. Sound familiar? This is so true in network marketing. When your warm market says no, take it and accept it. It is like offering them a sandwich and they said no, accept it as that and move on. You shouldn’t pressure them because you will annoy them and the sight of you the next time you approach them scares them. Don’t beg because you will lose the power in begging. They will look down on you and pitied you and certainly they don’t want to join just to be like you, begging people. Respect yourself and respect them, this will bring you far in the business.

Should You Do Warm Market Recruiting?

To answer this question, you have to ask yourself two things.

1. Do you want to work with your warm market?

If your answer is yes then recruit them. You answered yes because you believe in them. You believe that they can succeed in this business and you believe that you can work well with them.

2. Do you have concern for them?

If you answered yes then you approach and ask them. You are concern and you want them to be successful in the field where you are in and you want to share it with them. If this is your motivation then you do the warm market recruiting.

If you are successful in your career before network marketing then recruiting your warm market is easy because they see you as a winner and a successful person they want to become. Anything that you will tell them is sensible to them. They trust you because you’ve already made success and they trust that you will not put yourself into things you are not sure of.

On the other hand, if you have been through several network marketing companies and you have approached your warm market several times then recruiting them would be a little challenging. They will surely ask you questions such as “what happened to other one?”. Doubt will surely arise so what you should do is not to approach them in the manner you have approached them before. You know they’ve said no before so just tell them this “I know that this is not fit for you but you can look at the product and tell me what you think”. This will make you get them into a presentation and recruit them afterwards.

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