Balance Working Life – Compatible With High Income ?

Does Wealthy People Doesn’t Have Balance Working Life?

Does Wealthy People Doesn’t Have Balance Working Life?A lot of people have a misconception about seeing a person working too hard. They believe that this person doesn’t have the time to enjoy life. Well, these are the corporate people and not the business people. The corporate people have a 9-5 job plus extra 4 hours for commuting. A 9-5 job earnings is not enough to cover the family needs so it is impossible for them to have a vacation or to enjoy their life because all they think about is how they are going to pay the bills. If the corporate person works overtime, this person will get extra money but lack of time to enjoy it. From this illustration, it is not the wealthy who doesn’t enjoy a balance working life but it is the people who work for other people.

The business people can choose their working time and working place. They can choose when to work and when not to work, thus they have the liberty of both time and money. If you are an entrepreneur and you do have a balance working life, here are my tips for you.

Tips to have Balance Working Life

Set time for work – Even if you have a business and you are working at home, it is important that you set your working time. You should make an arrangement with your family member that this is the time you work and you do not want any distractions. When you are in a work mode and no one is disturbing you, you can do a lot of things in the given time. Tell your family members to also do their thing during these hours. Your kids can go to school and your wife can also work in her own work place or do the household chores.

Don’t work all day, all night – If you are already working all through the day, spare the night with your love ones. To have a balance working life, you should see to it that you eat dinner together and you can ask what happen to them all through the day and afterwards you can watch television together. Spend 8 hours a day for work, it is long enough to do many things but short enough to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Let’s say you start at 5am until 1pm and afterwards you are free.

Travel – Since you are working inside the house, you need some air so you need to go out. Travel once a year or once a month or treat yourself and your family outside once a week. Declare Sunday as your rest day. Go to the church together with your family and eat at a fine restaurant afterwards. At noon, you can play sports with your friends and other activities you enjoy.

There you have balance working life. You have time for work, family, friends, yourself, spiritual and health.

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