Best MLM Prospecting Method?

What is the Best MLM Prospecting Method?

What is the Best MLM Prospecting Method?What is the Best MLM Prospecting Method? This is the question that many network marketers raise in every opportunity they have. They are looking for the best possible way that they can use to duplicate your success. If there is one effective method in MLM prospecting, you already know it because secret like this didn’t remain secret.

Before we pick the Best MLM Prospecting Method let us break down the MLM prospecting method you have done or you still doing.

Best MLM Prospecting Method – Home Meetings

Have you ever done home meetings? If so, how is it going with you? Does it work the way you expected or it turn out to be a disaster? How many attempts did you do it? If you haven’t tried this I suggest you do because many network marketers achieved great success through home meetings. It would be the best method for you too. If you suck in it, did you try to develop yourself into better one before you stop doing so? The answers to these questions will help us decide the best method in MLM prospecting. I will not dictate it but together we will decide.

Best MLM Prospecting Method – Three Way Calls

Three way calls as I describe it from my previous article is you, your prospect and your upline. You are trying to get your prospects with the aid of your upline through phone calls. This is effective to some but some people are just afraid of dealing with phone calls. I suggest you get offer the fear of rejection and you master the art of three way calls then you come back here in this blog, leave me a comment and tell me how it does for you.

Best MLM Prospecting Method – Face to Face

I believe every network marketers have tried this. You have tried talking one on one to your possible prospects, maybe over coffee or a house visit. Maybe you have tried to talk to your friend at the gym or to one of your family members during your reunion. This method of prospecting is the oldest method of all time that is still applicable during to our time.

If you are waiting for me to tell you the best MLM prospecting method, I’ll tell you, you tell me. It is because the best method depends on you. One method is not applicable to all. What works with you is the best for you. Find it by doing all of the MlM prospecting method and see which one works or you can do all of them in a given situation. If the timing is right and the situation is perfect you can do face to face. If you have to, you can do three way calls. Do what you must and what calls you to do and concentrate on what you do best.

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