Cold Market Recruiting Part 1

2 Series of Cold Market Recruiting

Cold Market Recruiting Part 1Today, I am going to share with you 2 parts of Cold Market Recruiting. Here is the part 1 so watch out for the Part 2. There are many things to tackle about cold market recruiting and I want you to chew everything bit by bit that’s why I divided it into two parts. I don’t want you to say that you are overwhelmed and I want you absorb everything and perform recruiting effectively.

2 Parts of Cold Market Recruiting

Part I – Why You Should Learn Cold Market Recruiting

Part II – How to Do Cold Market Recruiting

Why you should learn Cold Market Recruiting

#1 – Your cold market didn’t know you

Since your market didn’t know you, they don’t know your past and they don’t know about your history of success. Now, it is your job to tell them everything and of course, you tell them things that won’t turn them off. Unlike you warm market which already know you and judge you before you even began to speak. This is especially if you have gone through a series of failures in the past. They will never give you a chance now to redeem yourself. To new people you’ve meet, you are welcome to create a new story and you have a chance to create success with them.

#2 – You’ve got more cold markets

Your warm market is limited and sooner you will run out of people to market while your cold market is overflowing. They are out there waiting to be recruited. You will never run out of people to talk to everyday of your life and you’ve got a chance to meet different and interesting people to recruit.

#3 – You’ll going to recruit someone who don’t have a warm market

Even if you have success with warm market recruiting and you’ve got a vast of warm market. It is either you have a huge family tree or you’ve got a lot of friends who trusted and adore you, it is still important for you to learn cold market recruiting because you will become an upline too. As an upline, it is your duty to teach your recruits how to recruit cold markets and how can you able to do that if you didn’t know it yourself. Not all your recruits have a great line of warm market; some of them don’t have it. Therefore, it is a must that you learn how to do it.

Next blog:  How to Do Cold Market Recruiting

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