Cold Market Recruiting Part 2

Last Part of Cold Market Recruiting

Cold Market Recruiting Part 2In my previous blog I’ve mentioned about the 2-part series of Cold Market Recruiting. Part 1 is about the importance of cold market recruiting and why you to learned it. There, I’ve mentioned three important points and I hope that it sink in already because now we are going to tackle the 2nd and last part of the series and this is How to do Cold Market Recruiting.

How to do Cold Market Recruiting

Now that you know the reasons, it is now time for you to do the actual cold marketing recruiting and here are the 3 steps on how to do it.

Cold Market Recruiting Step #1 – Approach

In my previous post, I taught how to approach your cold market. You can do it by simply smiling first then ask a question about what he do or what he is doing in an innocent look. More or less, the person you are planning to recruit will ask the same question you throw in after answering you. Then it is your chance to introduce yourself and what you do. After giving your name, you can ask the person’s name and usually they answered by with their calling card (lucky you). If not, you can ask another question based on his previous answer then pretend that you are in a hurry and pretend again that you are looking for your calling card but you can’t find so ask his instead. If he doesn’t have one, ready a pen and paper where that person can write his details.

Cold Market Recruiting Step #2 – Follow up

Now that you have their contact details, it is time for you to make a phone call and start follow up. Make a small conversation then invite that person to meet you to discuss something or attend a seminar because you to introduce something. If you get the approval then let’s proceed to step #3.

Cold Market Recruiting Step #3 – Close

The person wouldn’t come to meet you or attend the seminar if he is not interested about what you do and about what are going to discuss so take this opportunity to close the person after giving him a few details or a preview of the opportunity if he is willing to join then make him sign-up.

That’s the 3 easy steps on how to recruit your cold market. You only need to go to a process to recruit them successfully because if you didn’t pass these steps, I doubt if you can make any success.

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